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A Note From Alison

At the heart of everything I do you will find my core values; Service, Optimism, Curiousity, Trust, and Passion.  When I started my business, I had no idea I was going to go through the biggest transformation of my life. Not only was I a brand new entrepreneur, but I was about to find out that everything I knew about myself was a construct of what others wanted me to be, and not actually a representation of who I really was. I came out as a gay woman in 2020 after turning my curiosity inward and trusting what I had suspected for many years. Embracing this part of me provided the confidence I needed to get myself out there and do something I had never successfully done before; run a business. Now, it’s become an even bigger part of what this business does. In a cis, white, male-dominated industry, Cromie Creative is a beacon for business owners who identify as Queer, BIPOC or Women and want to embrace who they are and how that feeds into their business. 

Our Values

Our guiding principles


Finding solutions that don’t always fit the mould leads to great ingenuity.


Working in your passion opens the door for great things in business and in life.


Each of us are humans. We treat each other with dignity and respect.


Whether growth as a business or growth as a person, we are always learning and
looking to do better.

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Meet The Team

Alison Cromie

Alison Cromie


Alison started Cromie Creative Consultants after working for a small agency for almost six years. She loves to help business owners strategize and look at their marketing from a wholistic standpoint.

Alison uses she/her pronouns.

Heather Kroupa

Heather Kroupa

Digital Marketing Manager

Heather is our digital marketing manager. She is quick witted with an orderly mind. She can tell you what is good, bad, and ugly and you will both laugh and appreciate the accuracy. She keeps our projects moving and the pieces in line.

Heather uses she/her pronouns.

    Ashley Walker

    Ashley Walker

    Digital Marketing Intern

    Ashley is our digital marketing intern. She brings great ideas to the table when it comes to promoting your business whether by social media, email, or through an advertising campaign. She is joining us for summer of 2021.

    Ashley uses she/her pronouns.

    Andy Anderson

    Andy Anderson

    Web Designer / Developer

    Andy comes to us with an incredibly diverse set of skills when it comes to any of your communications needs. From coding to design, content to automation, he’s going to hit your next project out of the park!

    Andy uses he/him pronouns.

    Jessica Marenge

    Jessica Marenge

    Web Designer

    Jessica is our web designer and joins us from Nairobi, Kenya. She has an excellent eye for design, and is a wiz with the Divi theme. She can take your brand and make your website something truly unique.

    Jessica uses she/her pronouns.

    Brett Hanson

    Brett Hanson

    Web Developer

    Brett is a webdeveloper/designer who is passionate about top notch work for clients of all sizes. He is traditionally trained in design, with a passion for emerging tech.  He prides himself on developing solutions for your needs.

    Brett uses he/him pronouns.