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Black Friday Discounts 2019 – Deals you should and shouldn’t take advantage of.
November 29, 2019

You’ve likely already noticed, but your social feeds are chalk full of ads today with deals on everything from appliances to makeup. Even some service industries are getting into the business of discounting their services on Black Friday. Not me. You may wonder why I would choose not to, when some of my competitors are offering the same service for less.

When you are running a micro-agency model, you are helping to provide a livelihood to freelancers from all over the country, and sometimes, the world. In order to run my business profitably, I have to mark up their fees, to include the costs I incur as a result of marketing and overhead. Discounting my services would force me to pay my contractors, myself, or my business less, none of which helps me grow and continue providing great service to you. Most freelancers already charge too little for their services, and I don’t want to be responsible for reducing that further.

I have always been an advocate of the phrase, “You Get What You Pay For”. Because it’s true. If I only hired entry level contractors, I would get sub-par results. That’s not to say I can’t hire an entry level contractor at all, I just can’t base my entire business on them. Otherwise, I’d be out of business.

My goal is to treat my contractors, and eventually, my employees with the value and trust that they deserve, which includes fair wages. After all, I wouldn’t have a business without them, and it allows me to work with the best of the best, resulting in better service for my clients.

So, when you see a services business discounting their offerings this weekend, give it a good hard thought. Who is taking less as a result of that discount? Is it the owners? The employees? Then determine whether or not that action aligns with your own values.

All that said, there are some GREAT product discounts out there today that I wanted to pass along. I’ve taken advantage of a few already, and I hope you will too.

First off, a shameless self plug:

Last week I released a FREE eBOOK on how to maintain your website on a yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly basis. All you need to do is sign up for my email list and the book will be mailed to you automatically. Check it out!

Gravity Forms – 50% off

Gravity Forms is the form tool I use for every one of my clients. I invested in a developer license so my clients can get the best of the best WordPress form tools. Click here to get the Black Friday deal.

Moo.com Business Cards – 30% off

Moo.com makes really great business cards and other print materials. Not sure about their products? Order a sample kit and they’ll send you enough to wow your socks off. If you need some new materials, take advantage of the discount by entering EARLY30 in at checkout.

Divi Space 45% off Annual and Lifetime Memberships

If you work with me, you already have access to everything Divi Space has to offer. But if you don’t, check out their membership. Divi Space has some great child themes for Divi and a handful of plugins that are extremely handy. Get your discount by using the code BFCM19 during checkout.

Divi Life – 30% off including a limited Lifetime Membership

Divi Life, like Divi Space is another wonderful resource for Divi Child Themes and Plugins. I upgraded to a lifetime membership, and if you’re a Divi user, I recommend doing that as well! Enter BFCM2019 in at checkout to get not only a great deal, but a bundle of extras as well.

Divi from Elegant Themes – 25% Off Plus Prizes

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Divi theme. Divi is the most used WordPress theme on the internet, and provides a solution that works well for developers and non-developers alike. Been on the fence? Use the discount to give it a try! You can always upgrade your membership next year. Here is the link for the their Black Friday sale.

SiteGround Hosting – 75% off

I’ve been using SiteGround since August and I have to say that I’ve been really impressed so far. Want to save some money? Buy a new hosting plan at 75% off. Since it’s so little, you can sign up for a few years to make the most of the deal. If you’re currently on GoDaddy or another budget host, I HIGHLY recommend making the switch.

I’ll continue adding more deals to this post as I find them. In the interest of transparency, some of these links are affiliate links. But I use every one of these products regularly and only included them because I believe in what they have to offer.

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Alison Cromie

Alison is the owner of Cromie Creative Consultants and loves to help educate business owners on websites, search engine optimization, and creative storytelling.


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