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What Is search engine Marketing?

Marketing 101

Search Engine Marketing

“Search engine marketing and search engine optimization are critically important to online businesses. You can spend every penny you have on a website, but it will all be for nothing if nobody knows your site is there.” – Marc Ostrofsky 

What is search engine marketing? Search engine marketing involves the promotion of a website via paid or natural listings. This means that when someone does a search, your site should appear on the first few pages of results. If you are able to achieve this consistently, it will help lead more traffic and increase leads for your business through targeted keywords and search terms. Your website needs to be found when potential clients are looking for services in your niche or related niches.


Another way to think of search engine marketing is the “free” advertising that search engines provide in exchange for building your own listing pages, providing fresh content and tweaking them regularly. If you can fine tune your site to be more relevant and appealing to the search engines and keep it updated with new information, you will get better results. A business could hire someone or use an automated service like WordAds which places ads on blogs and websites based on their relevance.


Think about how easy it is for people these days to find products they want or need – much of this is due to the fact that when we need something a local product usually doesn’t show up on the first page of Google. Nowadays we are doing online searches for everything from “find a doctor” to “looking for a cheaper car battery.” We are searching across multiple devices and when we search on a specific device, we expect our local business to show up!

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