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Micro Business Consulting

It all starts with our introductory program



We’ll start with a two hour kickoff meeting to discuss your goals, what you’ve already done with your marketing, and what you’d like to do.

Weekly Meetings

We will meet once a week for 30 minutes to talk about how to implement your marketing goals in the most effective way for your business. 


Assess and Scale

After three months we will assess how the program is working for you and whether or not you are ready to graduate to our full program. 

What will this program do for your business?

You’re a micro business owner, used to going it alone. Imagine what having a strategist in your back pocket could do to help you make the right decisions with your marketing, and provide accountability to get it done on a regular basis.

Stop wasting time

Pull on my years of expertise in the field to make an educated decision on what tools and programs are going to work best for your business. 

Stop worrying

Lean on me to guide you in the methods that work, and leave your anxiety in the dust.

Gain Confidence

As you begin to lean on me for strategic direction, you’ll get more time back in your business and gain more confidence in your products and services.


For those who are ready to rock and want ongoing marketing support from an expert on a monthly basis.
  • Four One Hour Calls Per Month