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Harriet Bishop Smart Fair

Harriet Bishop Elementary School holds a Smart/Science Fair each year in the spring. Due to the closure of schools to Covid-19, this site was built to give the students the ability to share the projects they’d been working on all year.

The Smart Fair website we built allows students to fill out a form and submit a photos and videos of their projects. This information is automatically turned into a post and flows to various areas of the site after being approved by an organizer. The goal was to keep the process as easy as possible so as not to overwhelm the organizers of the event with extra work.

Services Provided

WordPress Web Build | Post Automation

Templated Design

Using a pre-made templated allowed me to turn the site around quickly and still maintain a professional look. 

The template was customized with the colors, images, and text for the organization and adjusted based on the specific needs of the client. 

Custom Icons

I created a series of custom icons and images to compliment the style of the site and keep it light and fun. 

Automated Posts

The functionality on this site sets it apart from many of the websites I’ve worked on lately. Students simply fill out a form to submit their information, photos, videos, and project description.

I utilized the Divi Theme Builder along with Advanced Custom Fields to attribute those custom fields to each post and then display them dynamically through a Divi Theme Builder template. 

Filtered Galleries

Once projects start being submitted, they will automatically be added to pages based on Grade Level and whether they are Smart or Science Fair entries. This makes it easy for visitors to find the projects they are most interested in. 

Launch the site

Click here to see the site for yourself. Or get in touch to discuss your own web and marketing needs!

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