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 Website redesign Services


Redesign That Works

If your website or funnel are not converting into sales or leads, there are generally two resons why. One, you are not telling the right story. Or two, 

The quality of your design doesn’t match the quality of your offer or service.

I’ll say it again. The quality of your design doesn’t match the quality of your offer or service. A study out of Carleton University’s Human-Oriented Technology Lab said that you only have 50 milliseconds to make a good impression on your website.


That’s .05 seconds to get it right. Your website’s visitors are judging you before they’ve even had time to read the first line in your header. If your site is still looking like it’s from the 90’s or just isn’t converting, it’s probably time for a strategic redesign. 

What is a strategic redesign?

I’m so glad you asked! Strategic redesign means we’re not just making your site pretty. (Although that is something we love to do). Instead, we assess your industry and competitors to find the patterns that are making them successful. Then we apply those patterns to your design. You can apply this principle to just about anything! A funnel, a website, your marketing collateral. You name it. Here are some examples of things we’ve redesigned:

Mentally Charged Conference

When Mentally Charged approached me, they had just started promoting their conference, but had not yet had a single ticket sale. I took a look at their materials and noticed that the quality of their design did not match the quality of the event they were planning. With over 20 professional speakers and topics that related to a wide market of people, I stepped in to give them not only updated marketing materials, but a new website to take orders automatically, giving them more time to focus on promoting the event.

We turned this…

Into this…

Which conference would you rather pay $297 to attend?

Alison is amazing at what she does. Being someone that is not a huge techie person, she was and is very patient and holds your hand through the whole process. I highly recommend her for all your design needs.

Liza Lomax

Co-Founder, Mentally Charged

Let us do the same for you

We can take your already existing website, funnel, or marketing materials, and redesign them to give you the credibility you deserve. Schedule a 30 minute discovery call today to find out more about how we work with our clients to bring growth year after year.

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