It’s time for another #AskAlison. This week, I’m answering a question that comes up a lot at the beginning of a web build. Quite often, when I ask a business owner about their social channels, they get nervous and are unsure if they are using the right, or enough, channels.

They ask, “What social channels should I use for my business?”

The answer depends entirely on your business. The first thing to ask yourself is where is your market? Chances are pretty good that they’re on Facebook. But if you’re targeting a much younger audience, there may be better places to focus your energy on.

The next question to ask yourself is, am I actually going to post regularly to my social channels? If you go out and sign up for a profile on five different social media channels, but you don’t actually understand or like keeping them up to date, then maybe you need to pick one you like and stick with it.

In the end it’s about establishing your presence, building a network and posting consistently. For some, that might be one channel, and for others, it could be four.

I just recently ran across a great program that helps business owners post to Facebook more often and spend a fraction of time to do it. Message me for more details.

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